Causes of a damaged Thatched Roof

There are many different factors that can cause a damaged thatched roof including:

Birds – Thatched roofs are ‘great’ nesting area for birds, to prevent any animals from nesting and damaging your thatched roof, a narrow mesh-net can be added over the thatch. This acts as a barrier from birds burrowing and getting in.

Vermin Infestation – Just like birds, any other small animals can find their way through a lovely thatched roof. These small animals will make themselves extremely cosy in a thatched roof; however, there are precautions when trying to remove these animals.

Fire Damage – Having a faulty chimney is one extremely dangerous problem to have. This can lead to fires, and cause a lot of damage to your roof. If the damage is severe then you will need a full re-thatch and possibly need new timber framing and fire retardants.

Leaking – Having a leak will cause widespread damage so the quicker you can find the source of the leak the less damage. Leaks are commonly caused by cracks and holes in the roof allowing rainwater to seep through, this causes mould and moss growth along with many other issues.

Moss Growth – can appear anywhere on a thatched roof, if it is left to grow, then repairs will need to be made to your thatch.

The Environment – Trees that overshadow your roof and the harsh British weather can cause a lot of damage to a thatched roof.

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